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Get the care you need, from a Registered Osteopath BSc

JP Therapy
Injury and Rehab Osteopath Clinic.

  • Get expert treatment with a registered Osteopath

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    55 min

    From 30 British pounds
  • Recover with an expert sports massage therapist

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    55 min

    From 30 British pounds
  • Relax and rejuvenate with a private sauna

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  • Schedule an initial injury consultation with JP Therapy

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  • Schedule an initial injury treatment session with JP Therapy

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  • Experience the ultimate in full body wellness with our Full Body MOT

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Book With Us.

Book in with us directly, choose your session and time. 


Dedicated to your good health

Your well-being depends on your good health. My job is to ensure that your body is at its very best. 


My goal is to enable you to move freely and without pain. I hold a university degree in related fields and advanced training.

Registered Osteopath

Osteopathy Services

Osteopathy BSc

Our goal is to free you from pain. We treat all types of injury from acute to chronic, sporting to work injuries. We treat our clients individually ensuring the treatment you receive has you back to full fitness in the shortest time possible.


Observing the body in order to see and treat an area of the body which is causing pain or restricting movement.


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What To Expect.

At JP therapy we kindly request that you are on time for your appointment and to inform us at the earliest convenient time to cancel. 24 hours notice is preferable however we are aware that issues arise and this is not always possible. 


If a patient fails to attend for an appointment with no contact made it will be at the discretion of JP therapy if a further appointment is made in the future.

JP therapy can accommodate early and late appointments to fit in with your schedule and we will be able to offer weekend appointments when available and required.

Initial Assesment.

On initial assessment we will ask for details including name, address, date of birth and contact number. We will ask about any previous or current medical issues as this can affect type of treatment given in the clinic and it is vital we are made aware of current medication being taken. All information is confidential and will not be shared without your consent, if necessary we will write to your GP with your full consent given.

To conduct a full assessment please ensure relevant clothing is worn as we do need to observe your standing and seated posture. Treatment can require removal of clothing but this will be discussed and will only be done with your complete consent. Your comfort and modesty is our priority and will be maintained throughout your treatment.


Patients are welcome to bring a friend or relative to an appointment. The initial assessment can last up to 1 hour.

Follow Up Treatments.


These will last up to 45 minutes and will include a brief review of progress and reaction to the treatment given. Further treatment will be offered and given with your consent.

We pride ourselves on treating and resolving symptoms as quickly as possible, follow up treatments will be discussed and patients will be given the option of booking in the clinic prior to leaving or to contact us at your convenience.

Recurrence Of Injury.


If an injury or condition re-occurs just let us know and we can arrange an appointment to help resolve the relevant condition. Some conditions cannot be cured and will benefit from a maintenance programme of treatment to ensure symptoms are kept to a minimum.

Satisfied Patients.

"JP-Therapy helped rehab myself and we've worked closely to help rehab other post injury and surgery. John is definitely my go to guy in regards to injury, postural alignment, movement and more. I can't recommend JP-Therapy enough".



"John has unbelievable personal skills and everyone of the athletes on my program trust him and they believe he is one of the most important parts of the team. I would recommend JP-Therapy any serious athlete"



"John immediately made me feel comfortable from our first session and as a result of feeling so at ease in his practice. I think, It allowed me to relax help the treatment. Since then I have been repeatedly over the following years"